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What is WeeWorld


WeeWorld is an avatar-based massive multi-player online social network. Avatars are called WeeMees. The first WeeMee was created in 2000 and is called Mikey. Anybody can play WeeWorld although WeeMees under the age of 13 are put on a more strictly monitored version of Weeworld called Weeworld Jr. and must use parental or guardian consent. [1] Users sign up for free and are given a customizable WeeMee, which is a 2-D animated avatar. Users can choose what their WeeMee looks like and its interests. Within the virtual world, users can communicate with other WeeMees by messaging them on home pages or chatting in virtual 2-D worlds, explore the community, as well as play games and participate in quests. Approximately 55 million WeeMees have been created worldwide.


Check our WeeWorld Vip Generator


Instructions for WeeWorld VIP Generator

1.) Download the program (download links are below).

2.) Enter your Username, and click the “Validate Username” button. This will form a connection to your account. Note that the program does not ask for your password, so it is safe to use.

3.) Select the hacks you want (VIP for 1 Month, VIP for 12 Months, etc.)

4.) Click the “Apply Hacks” button.

That’s all there is to it! If you need any more help, just click the “Need Help?” button located at the top of the program.


Download WeeWorld VIP Generator

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